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Daily Post- Summer Hits


There’s always a few Summer hits that you hear everywhere, they’re catchy and even if you wont like them, you’ll be singing and bopping along in no time.

Top 8 Summer Songs you cant help but love…

What’s your summer tune?

Music is the way to my soul….

Top favourite songs at the moment, Fifteen minutes uncensored in my head.

First of all picking my top three songs is near to impossible. i’ve been a mad music person for years and for me there’s nothing i love than is to put on my headphones, having my music blarring adn just write. i’t’s like Im letting go of the world around em adn just being. I mean truely just being here in this moment right now. Its one of the few times, when I actually watch myself typing instead of touch typing. (always trying to double check i havent got grammar error or speeling mistakes. Well this is a completely uncensored and unedited post. So please I know there is mistakes and parts will be badly written. But thats not what this post is about. Its about finding that peaceful moment in each day.

Oh my top songs. I totally got distracted.

Sometimes we feel alone, and its hard to be truely yourself, no holding back, no censoring just in case you offend people. Its a fact that we are constantly seeking approval from people around us, but it seems to be on our own terms. Which logically doesnt work as we’re all different.
I like the concept of not giving a shit and being completely ourselves, but most of us fear the consequences of it.
If you could let go for one day, what would you do?

My second choice is Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

I love this song. I instinctively calm down, breathe and completely mellow. Its just someone is standing behind me lifting all the shit in my life and blowing it away. It doesnt matter how pissed off i am, upset or generally fed up, this calms me to a point where I can let go.

This is about missed opportunities, and remembering the having no regrets. Life can feel like shit is always happening, and if we’re honest it is. I’m sorry if your one of these people who feels we are hard done by these days, but the reality is shit has always happened. Its about the way you to see things. Recently, I’ve seriously ill. I didnt feel ill and to be honest i hated the way people looked at me who knew. So I stopped telling people. People treat me the same as any other day. Its important to ensure that your perspective works for you. I told my friends I’m all better, to stop the constant pitting and worrying, but in reality I’m still fighting.

To smile I turn to Pharrell Williams – Happy.

There’s something about this song that just makes me bounce. Be honest, can you honestly listen to this without bopping, or smiling?
For me its about embracing the good in life.

But for me, the Ultimate feel good song is Labrinth – Beneath your beauutiful.

Izzy ( Listening to John Legend’s – All of me)