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Thankful Thursday- MOMS

Yep, This one is for my mom and no she wont be reading this as its annoymous to all my friends and family.
My mom has been a source of inspiration for me since I was little. She’s not perfect my any stretch on the imagaintion and we fight, disagree all the time, and if im honest I’ve always given her a hard time. Not intentionally to be a pain, to upset her but because its the way she brought us up. Good could be great and there’s always room for improvemnet. Its difficult for me to express just how much she means to me. I dont know my dad, so she’s all i’ve ever had, through the good and the bad. So she got the brunt of the crap which doesnt seem fair. She’s always been there for me, trying to be supportive, encouraging and at the same time realisitic. I swear our minds are just wired differfently. I dont see the world the way she does, but over the years I see more of myself in her and I’m proud of that. She’s done some amazing things, including raising me and my brother alone over the years.
I think the main point i have in despite the differences, I love her and im proud of her and all she’s accomplished, including us.

Who inspires you?