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Full Disclosure

A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?


I havent been able to think about anything else but this now for about 12 hrs. There are so many pro’s and con’s to this.

I believe myself to be honest person, who speaks her mind. However, that doesnt mean Im not tackful about how I tell the truth.

I worry a lot about believing in myself. having faith in the people around me. This would be a perfect answer to this. I would know.

however, on the other hand, people think things in the spur of the moment, but they dont really think or believe that. Its just a response out of nowhere, a reactive emotional response. It would take someone with a great with of control and strength to hear the worst from the people they loved and forgive and forget. (I’m not sure i have that much strength)

Would you like to knkow the worst and best of people’s thoughts?

Could take knowing everything?

Would you tell people you knew?

How would you cope with feeling so alone?

What would you use the knowledge for?

I do want this ability and I would probably take it, and I would probably regret it. I should say no and believe in my friends and family.