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Happiness? or Love?

I caught myself smiling today, That true smile you cant fight back even if you tried. I like to call it my eye smile, because even if you covered my mouth, you’d know I was smiling. Its the twinkle in my eye that screams she’s happy. Is it though? Or is it the love smile. That moment when you catch yourself thinking about the person you love and you can’t help but think about them, smile and think about kissing, hugging, snuggling up with them.

What do you think? Happy or in Love smile?

Who or What makes you smile.

The secret to happiness!!!!!

Yes, I am claiming I have finally worked out the true method to happiness.  No, I’m not selling you this! No, its not a secret.
If you’re having one of those days where you wanna pick a fight, wanna punch that person who cant stop smiling, or one of those day where you just wanna cry. Please take a moment and read below.

Happiness= reality/ expectation.

If reality seems against us, our expectations are not too high. Trust me. Its not the world, or the situation that needs changing. Its us. Yep YOU. Find acceptance.
Stop aiming for happiness, embrace it. There’s no such thing as a happy ending. Life is a continium. Ever changing and moving. It cant stand still. Take a risk, you’ll either find something you love, or learn in the process.
Live for today, Tomorrow may never come and yesterdays already gone. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, do it.
Learn to laugh and cry (preferably at the same time, but not always.)
Today I cried, i was not sad or extremely happy. I was just me. people often get bothered by crying. It’s the first emotion I learnt to let it be. I dont feel the need to work out why anymore. I just let it out. Try it.
Remember the good

Why is it easy to think negatively? To dwell on the bad moments? Rather than to embrass the good?