Black and White -Sundays

You must be aware by now I love photograpghy. I try my best at times, however it’s not as easy as some photograghers make it out to be. So I’m going to try and commit some more time weekly to practicing, the results will be posted here. For this week, Here are just a few black and white photos I love.

B&W T b&W tiger black rose fairy tale

Thankful Thursday

It’s difficult to stay positive these days, with so many life demands picking away at you. It has become very easy to miss the small blessings in daily life.
Therefore, being inspired by 100 days of happiness. Once a week, I will remind my self (and in turn all of you) of the small daily life blessings that surround us everyday.
Hopefully, you will smile at the ridiculous things that make my life a happy one.

Week 1: ME time


I dont know what you guys do to relax but for me, I love some ME time. Now, this can be anything from a soak in the bath, reading, listening to music, or updating my blog as long as its actually that. ME time, a time when I’m not thinking about anyone or anything else.



What are you willing to do, to make yourself happy?


Media Monday

I like the idea of regular features, so Mondays are now know as Media Mondays. This is surprising will be about movies, TV or books.

So this week u want yo talk about the latest craze, Frozen.

Why is this animation movie so popular?
it’s broken several records for best selling soundtrack, fifth highest grossing film of all time, best selling animation film, but why?
Is it the relatable characters?

The humorous storyline?


Or did it simply go viral?

Why do you Frozen so much?
What do you think makes it so fabulous?

What make a good book great?

Its Summer, theres only one task that is a must. Summer reading list. Whether you’re off on a long flight, a beach/pool reader or simply a snuggle up on the sofa reader. How do you choose a good summer read.
Richard and Judy’s read list….. Are you kind of person to go by other people’s opinion of a good book? Whether thats richard and judy? Amazon’s top 100 or a friends recommendation.
At the end of the day we all have to decide whether that was a good book, worthly of my time.
The characters?
Some people bleive its teh characters that make a good book great. if you really connect with them, and get into their mindset and believe in them or not.
A gripping Storyline?
For me, its whether the book is a pageturner, I must have to know what happens next. A truely book book in read in one sitting. the story has you so wrpped up in the world taht you cant put it down.
My mom love a book that gets her thinking. It must be full of suspence and twists that keep her on the edge of her seat.
Escape from reality?
My other favourite. Is an escape. The book where you forget the world is really here.

Whats your favourite book and why? What make’s it great?20140709-215921-79161245.jpg

My Favourite place in the whole world, can you guess it?

The sereal the mix of colours, textures, sounds and smells; the atomsphere shifting through out the day. It’s the perfect spot for people watching; to see the city through their eyes. The trees leaning, like they’re trying to listen. The apartments, offices and shops a reminder of reality. A mini world within a busy bussaling city, allowing the perfect opportunity for a peaceful moment. Its funny how sometimes you need to take a step back to truely see yourself, in that moment. The epyphany when you find yourself truely. I’m happy. Sitting watching people go about their daily life, some enjoying the subtle sounds and flickers of light as the shadow dance around, while others are busy and determined to complete their task. For some, this is enjoying the company along a walk or jog. Some play chess, but for most its a moment of solitude in a ever busy lifestyle. Knowing that everything and anything is only a moment away. A perfect, convienent hide away, a place for inspiration, a friend who’s always there, a haven. I fell in love with this place the moment I saw it, before even visiting it. It had a magical feel to it. Like it didnt matter what happened, I would feel content, calm and inspired here. My favourite spot to write, draw, etc 🙂 Can you guess where I am? Where’s your favourite spot? Why?

Best time to blog?????

I was debating the best time to blog with a dear friend on mine. We concluded it’s not some much about the days, especially when we like to keep people on their toes, however we couldn’t decide on the best time, mornings, lunch time etc. She believes 4pm GMT as there are the most available people to read your blog.
What do you think?
When do you blog?