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Happiness? or Love?

I caught myself smiling today, That true smile you cant fight back even if you tried. I like to call it my eye smile, because even if you covered my mouth, you’d know I was smiling. Its the twinkle in my eye that screams she’s happy. Is it though? Or is it the love smile. That moment when you catch yourself thinking about the person you love and you can’t help but think about them, smile and think about kissing, hugging, snuggling up with them.

What do you think? Happy or in Love smile?

Who or What makes you smile.

My Favourite place in the whole world, can you guess it?

The sereal the mix of colours, textures, sounds and smells; the atomsphere shifting through out the day. It’s the perfect spot for people watching; to see the city through their eyes. The trees leaning, like they’re trying to listen. The apartments, offices and shops a reminder of reality. A mini world within a busy bussaling city, allowing the perfect opportunity for a peaceful moment. Its funny how sometimes you need to take a step back to truely see yourself, in that moment. The epyphany when you find yourself truely. I’m happy. Sitting watching people go about their daily life, some enjoying the subtle sounds and flickers of light as the shadow dance around, while others are busy and determined to complete their task. For some, this is enjoying the company along a walk or jog. Some play chess, but for most its a moment of solitude in a ever busy lifestyle. Knowing that everything and anything is only a moment away. A perfect, convienent hide away, a place for inspiration, a friend who’s always there, a haven. I fell in love with this place the moment I saw it, before even visiting it. It had a magical feel to it. Like it didnt matter what happened, I would feel content, calm and inspired here. My favourite spot to write, draw, etc 🙂 Can you guess where I am? Where’s your favourite spot? Why?

Best time to blog?????

I was debating the best time to blog with a dear friend on mine. We concluded it’s not some much about the days, especially when we like to keep people on their toes, however we couldn’t decide on the best time, mornings, lunch time etc. She believes 4pm GMT as there are the most available people to read your blog.
What do you think?
When do you blog?

A prefect day of an astonaunt

The alarm still bleeps, the shutters slowly raise and the sun blares in. Yep, there’s no sunrise or sunset when you live on a spacestation. It’s one of the thing’s I miss about being on Earth. Anyway, its time to get up, today is my day off and I wanna show you around.

Welcome to Saturn V, It’s quite an experience living here, Built in 2146, aka space age two. She holds up to 500 people at a time. The simplieness of monochrome colourscheme, bring a calmnesss to the place unlike the other stations. It’s geometric shapes save on space, make the station interesting and easy to get lost.

I suppose I should explain, how things work up here, its just a tad different to what you’re used to . There’s no money as sorts. You earn time, considering that seems more important these days. You basically work for time off, but it never feels like that. I love my work, but then I should. I do a  varitey of roles here, from data entry to photography, oh and analyse people. I chose which one of these I wanna do when I get up but if im honest, its not work. I thoroughly enjoy all of them and would chose to do it anyway. i take photo’s of anything that inspires me. Normally something simple, a flower from the nursery, or a new solar event.

I spend my freetime releaxing, drawing, taking more photogrpahes, and people waiting. ( i know its not that much different from my work days)

We’re a firm believer of following your passion here. There’s always a station that can provide you with what you need to fullfil it. Different stations have a very different feel to them. Some are furry, adn busy, while others are more laid back.

Saturn V, holds the largest nursery, where air is produced in mass for all the stations, people work the gardens, and explore different plant speicies. We all work in harmony, and there is no leader here. We produce enough food to support ourselves, and use chemically enhanced rations to  curb thouse cravings we all get. Its surprising how good they are actually. There’s nothing quite like a pizza, chips and kebab with a pint oh and no excess calories. I know who said we couldnt find hevan.

My favourite thing to do those it to visit the observation deck and pop out for a bit. To see the solar system from multiple view points is still my favourite activiy here.

We’ve only encounter one extratroserial species so far and they were not what we expected. A small almost rodent like creature wwith insane inteligence. They  perfer to keep to themselves, but will happily chat with occassionly. We call them, ???? however thats more of a kickname for them. We havent mastered their laungauge yet.


So What else do you wanna know? How you gonna spend your first day off? How will choose your role here?

The Daily post – Back of the Queue

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.
I’m terrible for being inspired. I get inspiration from all over of the shop however that doesnt mean it sticks around. I have that moment when i get fourty million ideas, but stuggle to build on any of them. So over the years I’ve tried a multitude of hobbies, archery to cross-stitch- to my motorbike, and many more. But I believe the hobbies you truly love are the ones that spark a smile. They stick around. I always return regularyly to writing, photography, illustrations and my bike.
I’ve thought I’d show you some examples of my hobbies.

rose 2





However, there’s one thing that still seems a little out of my league. I desparately want to be a mom, but it never feels like the right time. If its not work, its money, its the endless list of jobs that need doing around the house. I know there are lots of people who feel the same way. But how do you know that you should start trying. If im honest the thought scares me a little

Music is the way to my soul….

Top favourite songs at the moment, Fifteen minutes uncensored in my head.

First of all picking my top three songs is near to impossible. i’ve been a mad music person for years and for me there’s nothing i love than is to put on my headphones, having my music blarring adn just write. i’t’s like Im letting go of the world around em adn just being. I mean truely just being here in this moment right now. Its one of the few times, when I actually watch myself typing instead of touch typing. (always trying to double check i havent got grammar error or speeling mistakes. Well this is a completely uncensored and unedited post. So please I know there is mistakes and parts will be badly written. But thats not what this post is about. Its about finding that peaceful moment in each day.

Oh my top songs. I totally got distracted.

Sometimes we feel alone, and its hard to be truely yourself, no holding back, no censoring just in case you offend people. Its a fact that we are constantly seeking approval from people around us, but it seems to be on our own terms. Which logically doesnt work as we’re all different.
I like the concept of not giving a shit and being completely ourselves, but most of us fear the consequences of it.
If you could let go for one day, what would you do?

My second choice is Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

I love this song. I instinctively calm down, breathe and completely mellow. Its just someone is standing behind me lifting all the shit in my life and blowing it away. It doesnt matter how pissed off i am, upset or generally fed up, this calms me to a point where I can let go.

This is about missed opportunities, and remembering the having no regrets. Life can feel like shit is always happening, and if we’re honest it is. I’m sorry if your one of these people who feels we are hard done by these days, but the reality is shit has always happened. Its about the way you to see things. Recently, I’ve seriously ill. I didnt feel ill and to be honest i hated the way people looked at me who knew. So I stopped telling people. People treat me the same as any other day. Its important to ensure that your perspective works for you. I told my friends I’m all better, to stop the constant pitting and worrying, but in reality I’m still fighting.

To smile I turn to Pharrell Williams – Happy.

There’s something about this song that just makes me bounce. Be honest, can you honestly listen to this without bopping, or smiling?
For me its about embracing the good in life.

But for me, the Ultimate feel good song is Labrinth – Beneath your beauutiful.

Izzy ( Listening to John Legend’s – All of me)

Is it wrong I like my alone time?

There’s a storm brewing outside at the moment. It’s one of those romantic, eery storms, where the sky darkens as the clouds merge into several different shade of charcoal grey and there’s the smell of rain in the air.

I have my extremely diverse music blairing out of my speakers. The kind that makes you wanna scream and shout at the top of voice, just to let go of everything inside you. The rain stampeeds towards the house, tapping faster and louder against my window, like its trying to get my attention over the music. But it wont work. I love how the beat of the rain complements the music. The sound of water being pushed and splashed out by the cars as the whiz past in hurry. I never get why people rush in the rain. Why not stop and appreciate it. Embrace the rain and the rhyme it makes.

There’s something very theraptic about a storm, about giving up all the bullshit at once and the sunshine after, embarking on a new moment. The smell of the fresh air, the rays of sunshine bouncing about.

If only there were more storms.