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Time wasters…..

We spend so much of the day doing stuff for other people or stuff we dont really wanna be doing. On an avenge day i personally spend far too much time making others happy, and doing the right things.


Number one : Sleep, Yep you all tought this is the most significant We’re suppose to have 8 however due to the social demands and stressing of life we actually average 6.5 hrs.

Work (booooo): yes unfortunately the avenge time spent working is currently 8hrs and a massive 3 mins a day.

LOL 6  minutues laughing

4 hrs watching TV

Romance may not be dead, but it’s fizzling out. The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles says an average Brit has sex less than five times a month, compared to 6.4 times in 1991. A survey suggests foreplay lasts seven minutes and inter­course lasts 12 minutes.

It may come as no surprise that the average person spends just 50 minutes a week (43 hours a year) on exercise, according to figures from WeightWatchers. That is a long way below the Government recommendation of 30 minutes a day.

Each day we spend seven minutes 20 seconds on breakfast, 12 minutes 49 seconds at lunch and 19 minutes having dinner.

12 mins on the loo

O2 found we spend 119 minutes a day – that’s 724 hours a year – making calls, browsing the internet, texting and listening to music, but just 97 minutes with our partners.

An average working parent spends 19 minutes a day looking after their kids,
While a shocking 34 mins cleaning.

How do you spend your day? What do you need to find time to do? What should you do less off?

Do you actually have a career or just a life of bullshit?

I was thinking about this quite seriously tonight, as I sat around my friends all of which declared they’re boss was a wanker, tosser, twat, incompetant etc…

I’ve tried a variety of jobs; retail, design, teaching, office, social work, consellor etc to find that for each of these jobs  that despite finding an element I loved, there was always a twat who ruined it for you. I do truly mean ruin it. Is that because we always find fault, or is it because actually it doesnt matter what job you have in any industry that in reality, every job is a career in bullshit. All people lie about their progress, achievements, your boss bullshits about the opportunies you can have, and about the perks of the job.

So how much of your job is bullshit? Dealing with bullshit which makes you wanna quit and dealing out bullshit.
Is there anyone who actually loves their whole job? I’d love to know if you found that perfect job and enriches your life.

For me I’ve learnt to let go and not care anymore, which at first sadden me, to know that jobs that I was extremely passionate and enthusiatic about. Is now just a job! i complete it soley to earn enough money to do the things I love. (Writing, music, travelling, my bike and arts).