What make a good book great?

Its Summer, theres only one task that is a must. Summer reading list. Whether you’re off on a long flight, a beach/pool reader or simply a snuggle up on the sofa reader. How do you choose a good summer read.
Richard and Judy’s read list….. Are you kind of person to go by other people’s opinion of a good book? Whether thats richard and judy? Amazon’s top 100 or a friends recommendation.
At the end of the day we all have to decide whether that was a good book, worthly of my time.
The characters?
Some people bleive its teh characters that make a good book great. if you really connect with them, and get into their mindset and believe in them or not.
A gripping Storyline?
For me, its whether the book is a pageturner, I must have to know what happens next. A truely book book in read in one sitting. the story has you so wrpped up in the world taht you cant put it down.
My mom love a book that gets her thinking. It must be full of suspence and twists that keep her on the edge of her seat.
Escape from reality?
My other favourite. Is an escape. The book where you forget the world is really here.

Whats your favourite book and why? What make’s it great?20140709-215921-79161245.jpg

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