My Favourite place in the whole world, can you guess it?

The sereal the mix of colours, textures, sounds and smells; the atomsphere shifting through out the day. It’s the perfect spot for people watching; to see the city through their eyes. The trees leaning, like they’re trying to listen. The apartments, offices and shops a reminder of reality. A mini world within a busy bussaling city, allowing the perfect opportunity for a peaceful moment. Its funny how sometimes you need to take a step back to truely see yourself, in that moment. The epyphany when you find yourself truely. I’m happy. Sitting watching people go about their daily life, some enjoying the subtle sounds and flickers of light as the shadow dance around, while others are busy and determined to complete their task. For some, this is enjoying the company along a walk or jog. Some play chess, but for most its a moment of solitude in a ever busy lifestyle. Knowing that everything and anything is only a moment away. A perfect, convienent hide away, a place for inspiration, a friend who’s always there, a haven. I fell in love with this place the moment I saw it, before even visiting it. It had a magical feel to it. Like it didnt matter what happened, I would feel content, calm and inspired here. My favourite spot to write, draw, etc 🙂 Can you guess where I am? Where’s your favourite spot? Why?

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