Saturday Night Later Night Thoughts

Its Saturday Night, Im alone, in my pjs listening to a mix of Daughtry, Ed Sheran, Passenger and Adele ( I know a strange mix). I thought i’d check in with the world. (Facebook, a few texts, tumbler, twitter etc.) It was incredible what I found. People, sharing there favourite moment from the day, a funny clip that made them smile, an achievement of the day, food, oh a good moan. Its funny how people like to state the obvious about things like the weather ‘ It’s raining!!!’ Really, Its so important you put that on your page otherwise I would never had know. Oh, yeah you live down the road from me and I got wet outside.
We’ve had a serious of bad moments this week, with bad news soon becoming the oh well, shit happens because there’s more bad news, oh and more bad news. Yet this is not a pitty party for me. I want to embrass this moment and say I’m glad. When shit happens, you truely find out who your friends and family are, its bring people together. It gives you courage and strength you didnt know you had, and you appricate what you have rather than winge about what your missing. I’m bless to have the insight to see the silver lining, even if its more crap I probably dont deserve, or need.
Do good people come from a crappy life? I’m not afriad of what will happen and I sincerely doubt that life can beat me.
Does finding happiness out of a shitty situation make us, nieve?stupid?blessed?crazy?

I dont know, but I’d rather be happy and count my blessing, than deal with arguing, fighting myself about whats the best thing to do. Just accept life as she comes, you never know you might end up thanking life for the shit.

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