Procastination or Lazy?

I was avoiding all the ussual bullshit you have to do as an adult- (washing, dushing, food shopping, opening bills etc), and I was trying to work out what I do in my day, that if I’m honest is just avoidance tactics.
1. Check facebook
Its suppose to only take two mintues, its allows us to be extremely nosie. But in really It eats up so much of the day. Why? Why do we post stuff on there anyway? To actually inform friends and family? Or to bost about you day?
2. Play just one game
lol, I know we always say just one more game of these stupid, mind numbing games like Candy Crush, Bubble Witch, Angry Birds
3. Check emails.
Unfortunately, I remember when emails were new. It was a novelty way to contact people. It was suppose to be a convenient way to contact people. Instant. Its now the best way to annoy people. Spam.
4. Youtube
You can literally waste hours. Cute cats, funny kids, music, vlogs like Emma Blackery.
5. BFF/BF texting.
If in doubt, text someone. Start a completely pointless conversation.

How do you procastionate?Does Proscastionation make us lazy?Leave your comments below.

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