Is it wrong I like my alone time?

There’s a storm brewing outside at the moment. It’s one of those romantic, eery storms, where the sky darkens as the clouds merge into several different shade of charcoal grey and there’s the smell of rain in the air.

I have my extremely diverse music blairing out of my speakers. The kind that makes you wanna scream and shout at the top of voice, just to let go of everything inside you. The rain stampeeds towards the house, tapping faster and louder against my window, like its trying to get my attention over the music. But it wont work. I love how the beat of the rain complements the music. The sound of water being pushed and splashed out by the cars as the whiz past in hurry. I never get why people rush in the rain. Why not stop and appreciate it. Embrace the rain and the rhyme it makes.

There’s something very theraptic about a storm, about giving up all the bullshit at once and the sunshine after, embarking on a new moment. The smell of the fresh air, the rays of sunshine bouncing about.

If only there were more storms.

One thought on “Is it wrong I like my alone time?

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