Is it real?

Well what a week. My job has had a full role reinvention, my health has been of great concern (I’m fighting both a genetic illness and the continous testing at the hospital at the mo) and I’ve been struggling.
I’ve had one of those days where you can’t help but question everything…
Have you ever woken up and questioned what is real? Are you actually still asleep?Did that actually happen? Well I’ve been thinking about how we know whats happening is actually real or not? Answer: We dont!
Our minds only percieve what they think is really. If you think about it, the films Matrix and Inception have it right. When we remember dreams, its a perception of chemicals and responses to outside stimuli but thats it. When we dye, most people believe either thats it. We’re done. Or believe our soul/mind/conscious continues somewhere. Both of which is just our mind either consciously or unconsciously continuing with chemical stimuli.
So can we effect our minds to believe whats not true. We are happy? we have everything we want? Mind over matter has been proven to exist. People overcome pain, illness etc. But is that because our mind is a muscle and if stretched and worked it will comtinue to develop or is it complete crap?

What do you think?

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